Affiliate Sign-Up

Get paid to help build the Cork Support Network by referring businesses to Cork Support.


By reaching out to businesses in your community you can earn a 50% commission when these businesses enter your individual link and buy additional subscriptions.

You can join our affiliate program to earn a personal income or use this opportunity to generate money for your cause!

As an affiliate of Cork Support I understand and agree to comply with the following:

  • An affiliate account can be set up as for an individual, group, charity, or cause.
  • An affiliate account must be set up with to receive commission amounts.
  • When a business joins Cork Support and enters my referral code, I will receive 50% of their monthly directory or advertisement subscription fees.
  • I do not receive any portion of the donation rewards or rebate rewards.
  • If a business/company that I recruited changes their advertising options and/or directory subscription options for higher or lower cost, the amount that I receive will be adjusted accordingly without notification.
  • If a business/company cancels their account with Cork Support, I will no longer receive any subscription fees from this business/company.
  • Cork Support takes no responsibility for mismanaged accounts.
  • Cork Support commissions are tracked through Refersion. The account settings of Refersion are not the responsibilities of Cork Support.
  • Cork Support makes payments to affiliates one a month.
  • Cork Supports pays affiliates through PayPal.
  • All affiliates must have an active PayPal account, listed within his/her Refersion account.

Terms are subject to change at any time without notification.

See full list of terms here.