Team up with local service providers to support your favorite groups, charities, and causes.

National Cork Supporters

How it Works?

Service providers partner with Cork Support and offer rewards in the form of donations. These rewards are available to Cork Support users and they can distribute those funds to a participating group, charity, or cause that they care about.

The Reward Process in Action

Mrs. Smith needs a roof repair on her house.

Mrs. Smith chooses Joe the Roofer from the Cork Support Directory to do her roofing project.

Joe the Roofer charges Mrs. Smith $1,000 for her roofing project.

Mrs. Smith goes to to claim a reward for a participating group, charity or cause.

Soccer Mom with Kids

Mrs. Smith enters the information needed and makes the $30 donation through the Cork Support system to her son’s Youth Soccer Team.

Mrs. Smith presents the Cork Support donation receipt to Joe the Roofer.

Joe the Roofer deducts the donation amount from the balance due on her roofing project. Mrs. Smith's new balance due is $970.

Tech Guy showing computer screen


Because of Cork Support, Mrs. Smith had her roof repaired, Joe the Roofer had the opportunity to do her project, and her son’s Youth Soccer Team received much needed support.

Boys soccer team cheering!

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