Service Provider Terms

As a business/company joining the Cork Support Rewards Program:

  • I agree to participate in the Cork Support Rewards Program and choose to offer donation rewards and rebate rewards of 3% of the total cost charged to the customer.
  • I understand and will comply with the following:
    • By choosing to participate in the Cork Support Rewards Program, I understand that there are two types of “rewards”.
      • One type of reward is a donation reward. For this reward, the customer will pay an upfront donation to a group, charity or cause of his/her choice. This donation will be equal to 3% of the project cost for the service that my business/company has performed. My business/company will then deduct the 3% from the balance that is due from the customer.
      • The other type of reward is a rebate reward. This reward is used when a third party (insurance company, financial institution, etc.) is responsible for paying the participating business/company for a service performed. When the project is complete, the customer submits a claim and the participating business/company must pay the 3% to the group, charity or cause that the customer has chosen.
    • Payments of rebate rewards must be submitted only through the Cork Support website within 60 days of the claim.
    • All rebate payments must be paid directly through Cork Support for processing and verification.
    • Failure to make payment of a rebate reward claim:
      • After 60 days from the date of rebate claimed, there will be a rebate recovery attempt by Cork Support. An additional fee of $8.00 per notification (not to exceed one notification per month) will be added to the amount due.
      • After 180 days delinquent, this account will be transferred to a third-party collections department.
      • All legal costs and charges incurred to recover the rebate and fees will be the responsibility of my business/company and is to be paid in full.
    • Rebate payments received by Cork Support from a business/company will be processed and distributed through Cork Support. Cork Support will retain processing fees and administration fees (not to exceed 20% of the amount). Remaining funds will be distributed to the school program, civic organization, religious group, national charity or personal cause of the claiming customer’s choice over which my company or any representative thereof shall hold no control or influence.
    • One-hundred percent of the directory and advertising fee(s) shall be paid directly through and remain assets of Cork Support and its affiliates.
    • All school programs, civic organizations, religious groups, national charities and personal causes may not be active participants of Cork Support.
    • My business/company will be listed in my business/company’s home zip code for free. My business/company will also show on additional directories for zip codes which I have subscribed to.
    • I further understand that subscription or advertising fees are non-refundable.
  • If additional directory subscription fees are past due, all additional listings will be suspended until paid. My business/company will remain in the Cork Support Network and will be listed in the business/company’s local zip code only. (Free)
  • I meet all local and state legal requirements to be an established business.
  • To remove my business/company from Cork Support (by choosing not to offer rewards and be listed for free), I will unsubscribe from Cork Support and delete my account.
  • My business/company is responsible for honoring rewards claimed up to 90 days after I have unsubscribed and deleted my Cork Support account.
    • Any rewards claimed from projects in process/not completed at the time of my business/company’s cancellation must be honored.
  • A listing in the Cork Support directory will consist of my business name, address, phone number and email address and will be listed by service categories and sub-categories.
  • Cork Support assumes no responsibility for any customer and/or service provider participating with Cork Support and/or agreements held between the two.
  • Cork Support reserves the right to suspend and/or remove any business/company (from Cork Support and any/all directories and advertisements) that does not comply with terms and conditions of this contract.

I agree to all terms and conditions as stated above and elect for the business listed to join Cork Support.